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Why I Tore Down My Word Wall {& a freebie} - Mrs. Winters

freebie tags for instagram

Print and download tags on white cardstock. Then just simply cut the tags out, hole punch the corner, add some ribbon and tie to your tote.

Fourth Of July Free Printable Set - The 36th AVENUE

I have been doing this exact type 100 day routine sine 1985! My signs are getting a bit ragged and some of my activities are different, but you have effectively summed up the celebration that I have been doing.

Teacher Appreciation Free Printable Tags | Tote Bag Gift Idea

freebie tags for instagram

Teach the “I” Can Problem Solving Method. Give students a structure when problem solving. I like to teach the “I” method. It’s a visual reminder and once students practice using it, they remember to complete all of the problem solving steps.

Celebrating Mothers Day - The First Grade Parade

freebie tags for instagram

Ruby Bridges was a small six year old girl that made a huge impact that most American students take for granted today…attending public school. Ruby played a major role in the civil rights movement in America. After checking my dates and details, here is the information I put …

#believeinmagic: WORLDS- UK & a Sherlock freebie!

freebie tags for instagram

Hello, I really like your blog, and the labels are beautiful, thanks for sharing. I would like to ask you a favor, these cuviertos white, where you can buy, I love, and I can not find them.

Gold Tags Behavior Management Plan - A Teeny Tiny Teacher

freebie tags for instagram

A week from today, I will be in my classroom and there will be children staring at me. And not the neighborhood children who keep seeing me in my pajamas in the middle of the day, either.

#MomLife SVG PNG JPEG - Freebie Friday! | The Chaotically

Fourth of July Free Printable Set – These free downloads are everything you need to celebrate Independence Day. Today I’m bringing back these festive Free Fourth of July Celebration Set Printable. If you are having a BBQ, picnic or a family Fourth of July reunion these FREE PRINTABLES are

#believeinmagic: WORLDS- UK & a Sherlock freebie!

freebie tags for instagram

That is a huge freebie! I love the Sherlock stuff too! Now, to plan a photoshoot to use it with 😉

The Beginners Guide to Pencil Calligraphy | The Postmans

I will HELP Kimberly pay you to make differentiated 2nd grade morning work/homework! And long ago and far away, I used to teach 30 kindergartners in the morning and 30 kindergartners in the afternoon and DID feel like one hundred and thirty children.

100 Day Freebie!!! - The First Grade Parade

The evolution of Instagram. Instagram used to be a basic app. You took a picture, you put a filter on it (to make yourself look better), and then you shared it with your small Instagram following.

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